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[This email exchange really happened – paraphrased and details changed to protect the identity of the parties involved]

EMAIL #1 (paraphrased)

From: Mr Hot Shot Sale Representative
To: Executive at client company
Date: 12/30/2008 <——————-  the date is important
Subject: Quote for XWY-4511 Equipment

Dear Henry:

I wanted to get in touch with you regarding the XWY-4511 Equipment that your company is interested on, you see we have been so successful with that product that we are practically sold out, I have 1 unit left which we can sell to you at a year-end liquidation price of $1,750,000, which is a great deal at more then 10% off the list price of $2,000,000, and as of January 1st, the list prince will increase 7% to 2,140,000.

I went to bat for you to secure this unit before some of my colleagues gave it to their customers, but I must also inform you that I have another client who is very interested in it, so you must act quickly.  Just fax me over your signed purchase order and the unit is yours and you lock inn the price.  We can talk about delivery next week or so.

Call me, but hurry, I can’t guarantee that the machine will still be here, at this price it’s HOT! HOT! HOT!

John Hotshot
Tel.: 1-800-THE-SALE x565661119999444
Cell.: 212.555.1212
Skype: muffinstud56199

EMAIL #2 (paraphrased)

From: Executive at client company
To: Mr Hot Shot Sale Representative
Date: 12/30/2008
Subject: Re: Quote for XWY-4511 Equipment

Dear John: I appreciate your thinking about me and my company for such a great deal.  As we talked before on the phone, our company does need to replace our existing piece of equipment, and your company is one of the finalist in the short list, however, as you know from the notes that we have shared with you:

1) We won’t be able to make a decision until July 2009, when we are moving our facilities to our new space
2) The pricing of your machine, even at the incredible deal that you highlight is more than twice as much as your competitor Axa-555
3) According to the tech specification on your web site, your machine doesn’t meet our specification for size (it is too big), weight (it weights too much) and for power consumption (we are trying to remain a green company).  On sept 14, Oct 20, Nov 10, Nov 27, Dec 7, Dec 14, and Dec 21 you told me via email (see pdf enclosed) that the specs on your web sites are wrong, and that you were going to either send me a letter signed by your CEO stating the corrected specifications and/or have the web site corrected, I just checked your site and the specs are unchanged.

Therefore at this time I must PASS on such a great deal, I am glad to hear that your other Client will be happy to be able to sign on this deal since we are not in the running.

Happy New Year!



From: Mr Hot Shot Sale Representative
To: Executive at client company
Date: 12/30/2008
Re: Quote for XWY-4511 Equipment


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