What is the favorite book of a rude individual?
Anything by Emily Post.  By mis-reading and misinterpreting Emily, rude individuals have an alibi to be their own rude self; and when Emily can’t rescue them, they can resort to the Emily Post wannabe good old Martha for a double dose of more contemporary rudeness, double coated in organic fair trade chocolate, wrapped in a fuchsia and off white vintage ribbon.  As a last resort, there’s always Amanda.

Is there a medical definition for rudeness?
While no exhaustive studies have been conducted yet, we can surely assume that rude individuals are often sociopath; but again, we are no doctors, nor we play doctors on TV or on the internet.

Is this blog rude?
Rudeness lies in the eyes of the beholder.  If you are faced with a rude person, and you make a point to politely call them up on it; chances are they will say “That’s rude!” (see #10)

What inspired the creation of this blog?
Play, for the sake of play itself.
Have you met rude people?
Who hasn’t?
Are you being vague?
Am I?

Are rude individual mean people?
Hard to say.  Often time they are clueless, unaware of the fact the their world is not the world; at time rude people are just insecure individuals who have learned to cope with their insecurities by bullying their way through life.  It worked before, they expect what they do to work each and every time; and indeed it often does.  It’s really interesting to see when someone rude meet their match; it can be funny as in the theater of life, or it can be scare as in road rage.
Spoiled brats are special cases, they have no idea (clueless) of their behavior, they are used to a cocoon that fits them like a glove, and if the glove doesn’t fit anymore, they get uncomfortable.  Wouldn’t you?
Clueless + insecure is a dangerous combo, it’s like an Hummer personality in the china and crystal department at Bergdorf Goodman, not a pretty sight.

Is there a common trait on rude people?  French are supposed to be rude.
Yes there is, there is one single common trait that distinguish rude individuals from non-rude individuals:  rudeness.
It is a very democratic characteristic, it knows no boundaries, no nationality, creed, race, religion.  And when in Paris, or Cincinnati, or around the corner, a genuine smile and a polite attitude will cross any language barrier.  A rude person is a rude person, no matter where in the world they happen to be.

Is rudeness permanent?
Nothing is either black or white.  And there’s not rudenessmeter out in the market yet; not there’s an app for the iPhone either; maybe on the iPad.  Different individuals have different degrees of rudeness, and its manifestations come out here and there, often triggered (see here, here, here and here) by certain events, circumstances and context.

Can a rude person become polite?
Anything is possible.  Rude individuals are not rude at all times, as covered earlier on, rudeness is often associated with cluelessness; so, just like in any 12-step programs, the first obstacle is crossing the Nile denial.

Is there a simple rule to at least curtail rudeness?
There are two simple rules that one could follow, actually that anyone should follow
– If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.
– Stop talking, and say something.  Is what you are about to say make the world a better place?  Add something useful to the conversation?

What about constructive criticism?
Was the criticism, constructive or not, requested?  Or was it unsolicited?  If someone asks another person for their opinion, the requester should just STFU, they requested a response, it is not their turn to talk; and they ought to accept what is being says as it is: someone’s opinion.  If instead the criticism was unsolicited, well we go back to the above rule If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything, so STFU.
What’s STFU?
Here you go: click here